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αΚΔΦ (aKDPhi, or alpha Kappa Delta Phi) is the largest and only international Asian-American interest sorority. With nearly 60 active chapters, there is a huge network and support for every sister of aKDPhi. Our five pillars include sisterhood, scholarship, leadership, service, and Asian awareness.


We welcome all those interested to come out to rush aKDPhi this fall and see what we're all about. Info will be posted on our Instagram @sloakdphi when the time comes! 



Fill out our rush interest form and check out our Instagram below for rush event announcements/updates. We can't wait to see you soon!


Fall 23

alpha Kappa Delta Phi

Frequently Asked Questions

Why alpha Kappa Delta Phi?

alpha Kappa Delta Phi at Cal Poly is the largest and only international Asian-Interest Sorority on campus. It is the fastest growing sorority with 60 chapters across the US & Canada. However, it is more than just a sorority. You gain so many benefits from joining - an everlasting sisterhood where you will always have sisters to lean on. You will also learn how to develop and improve your leadership skills that will benefit you after graduation. On top of this, you will also be able to give back to the community through various service and philanthropic events. Everything you experience will last you a life time of memories!

What is rush?

Rush is a week-long period in which anyone can learn more about our sorority. It is typically held during Fall Quarter, and occasionally Winter Quarter. Activities and events are organized within each fraternity/sorority and open for all students to come relax, have some fun, and meet the members. It is during this time that students get a taste of Greek life and decide if it is something they would like to pursue. 

What should I expect at a rush event?

Rush Week activities are designed to offer a glimpse of aKDPhi to the community. By setting up opportunities for meeting the members of our house, we hope that others will seize the chance to get to know what makes aKDPhi what it is - our sisters. Rush is also a great time to meet a diverse group of new faces. Any questions you have will be answered. We simply ask you to come prepared with an open mind, an open heart, and be yourself. It is casual and free. Plus, there is no obligations to join!

How do I "rush"?

As mentioned above, we hold a number of rush events during our rush-week. All you need to do is show up to attend an event or two or all of them! For more information on each events, please refer to our rush flyer or our Instagram.

Do I have to be Asian?

Absolutely not! As an organization that seeks to promote cultural awareness, we hold the concept of equality to the highest regards. Despite holding a large emphasis on promoting Asian Awareness, that does not mean we are Asian-exclusive. We welcome all people of different backgrounds to join us, and we encourage the exppression of one's individuality. 

Will rushing cost me anything? 

Unlike most other Panhellenic sororities, rushing aKDPhi is absolutely FREE! Everything from food to transportation is provided by the sorority. 

What is after rush?

After rush, you can sign up for an interview. Here, we just want to get to know you more, and we will possibly offer you a bid (a formal invitation from the house to join)! If you receive a bid, you can chose to accept or deny (no hard feelings). After that, we will begin our new member process. 

What is the "new member process"?

New membership to aKDPhi opens up opportunities to experience new things. During the new member process, new members of aKDPhi will learn the traditions and history of our sorority as well as build the bonds of sisterhood within their class and as well as the actives. During this process, potential new members should demonstrate their desire and ability to support alpha Kappa Delta Phi's sorority standards. Hazing, defined as "any action taken or situation created to produce mental or physical discomfort, embarassment, harassment, or riducule", is not conducted, nor tolerated. 

Is sorority life all about partying?

Absolutely not. Non-stop partying is a media propagated, common misconception most people have about the Greek system. We invite you to join alpha Kappa Delta Phi because we like who you are as a person and not because you fit a certain stereotype. Each sister has her own unique personality, and each is responsible for making her own lifestyle choices. For many sisters, partying is not a priority. We're interested in your individuality and will support any decision you make.

Does being in a sorority affect my grades?

As one of our pillars, academics is one of our biggest priorities. alpha Kappa Delta Phi has one of the highest GPAs amongst all Cal Poly Greek Life. Moreover, academic excellence is important to us and a minimum GPA is required of all our sisters. In many ways being part of aKDPhi can be beneficial to your grades. With our study hours, resource banks, and supportive network, we are continuously trying to help our sisters achieve academic success. 

How expensive is it to be a sister?

Dues are never more than a textbook. The dues you pay as a sister comes back to benefit the experiences and events we have in the long run. 

More questions?

Contact us on Instagram, @sloakdphi, or visiting our Facebook page.

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