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Chapter President's Welcome Letter

Dear ​visitor, 

Hello and welcome to the Omicron Chapter of alpha Kappa Delta Phi here at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo! I appreciate the time that you have taken to look at our website and get to know our chapter a little better. 

I never expected to be in an Asian-Interest sorority when I first came to Cal Poly, but I can most definitely say it has entirely shaped my college experience and career. You will be meeting the girls who you will be spending the next four years of college with... grabbing late night Taco Bell runs, binge-watching Netflix, and pulling all nighters for finals while drinking YerbaMate and Monsters. 

Established in 1996, the Omicron Chapter here has fostered the making of timeless friendship through sisterhood. I was able to find my home away from home when I was so overwhelmed with my freshman year by having a supportive big sis and a whole house that wanted to help me grow as a successful woman. 


I hope that this sisterhood can do the same for many others to come. I thank my chapter for this opportunity to serve as the 2018 Chapter President. 

       With Love & Friendship,

       Kathy Nguyen