Chapter President's Welcome Letter


Dear visitor,


Hi! Welcome to the official website of aKDPhi Omicron chapter, located in Cal Poly SLO!


Coming into a college is a nerve wrecking thing for anyone and not something that you can completely prepare for. However, you can prepare yourself to have an open mind and to try new things and join new clubs! Being the only Asian girl in my dorm, I wanted to find a community that I could relate to culturally and share my Asian heritage with.


Joining aKDPhi has given me just that and so much more. I had no idea what to expect when rushing, but talking to each active sister made me realize that I wanted the friendships and bonds that they had. After getting to know each sister and connecting on more than just a surface level, I knew that I had found my home away from home.


Whether it be for professional conventions or casual socials, I’ve been able to travel around California with my sxsters- from San Diego to Irvine to Santa Cruz and more. However, I also have so many memories with my sisters throughout SLO- whether it be at our favorite restaurants, beaches, or even just on campus. These kinds of memories are what I’ll remember when I graduate, and I hope others are able to find and have the same experiences. 


I’m so excited to serve as our chapter’s president for the 2021 academic year and I hope to see some new faces at our Fall 2021 recruitment! :)

Love and Friendship,

Emily Shih