Frequently asked questions

Will rushing cost me anything? 

Unlike most other Panhellenic sororities, rushing aKDPhi is absolutely free of charge! Everything from food to transportation is provided by the sorority. 

What is the "new member process"?

New membership to aKDPhi opens up opportunities to experience new things. During the new member process, new members of aKDPhi will learn the traditions and history of our sorority as well as build the bonds of sisterhood within their class and as well as the actives. This period is a time where the best memories and friendships of your college experience are made.

What to expect at a rush event?

Rush Week activities are designed to offer a glimpse of aKDPhi to the community. By setting up opportunities for meeting the members of our house, we hope that others will seize the chance to get to know what makes aKDPhi what it is - our sisters. Rush is also a great time to meet a diverse group of new faces. Any questions you have will be answered. We simply ask you to come prepared with an open mind, an open heart, and be yourself.

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